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Are you bored of the routine, stress and a sedentary lifestyle? Awaken your inner curious or adventurous, and go out and discover hundreds of plans that can offer you direct contact with nature, culture and tradition. Alone, with family or friends, there is always something new and fun we can do regardless of age or physical condition. Break the hustle and bustle of everyday city life and enjoy magnificent scenery by walking and take the chance to picnic in the mountains.

If you take up walking as your new hobby then you know it requires the basic and necessary equipments that will at all times ensure comfort, safety and confidence in which the most important is walking shoes. Wearing the right shoes is 100% essential to overcome any obstacles in your adventure! But how can you get the best shoes for your activity? How to know your shoes size? How many types are there? And what are tips to purchase a good pair of walking shoes? All your answers are here in our blog.