Reasons Why Silk Down Comforter Is The Best And Buying Guide

The silk down comforter is a natural product

  • It is made entirely of silk and cotton trim for the envelope. Our products contain no synthetic component; our down comforters are 100% organic and natural.
  • Dust mites do not nest in silk
  • The silk fibers are as fine as dust mites can’t nest them.
  • Contrary to trim down, wool or synthetic duvets filled our silk mites do not become a nest.
  • The preparation of cocoons by washing with boiling water makes it possible to ensure bacterial problems.

The silk down comforter is easy to clean

Contrary to popular belief, the Silk Duvet rarely needs to be cleaned up because it does not significantly reduce dust and perspiration. Regular maintenance is to simply aerate. However, it can be washed easily by machine. With all our down comforters, we provide a service manual and little tips and tricks to help you in case of accidental stains.

A real luxury item

For millennia, silk is a noble material, a symbol of luxury. In China, it was reserved for many years in high-class, the low-class do not have the right to wear. Long kept secret, the silk work has intrigued Europeans. This is the famous “Silk Road” that it was imported in the West, and developed locally. But many epidemics affecting the silkworm ravaged European productions. Therefore, today it is still mostly imported from China. The silk duvet is a product still unknown in Europe; it was, by its high price originally reserved for wealthy clients. But it is a great success with the Americans, who traded synthetic duvets against this luxury product more hygienic. Continue reading