Different Types of Baby Mattresses

Polyurethane Foam Baby Mattress

The most shared and frequent dressing in baby mattress. This synthetic foam, sometimes also referred to as PE foam is a foam which looks a lot like your bath sponge! The only difference is that in the making of a mattress with this material it is ensured that there is less air into the foam remains which increases the density of the foam and the foam, which strengthens.

By varying the density, there can be made many different types of mattresses, all of which have different quality and properties.

This makes it difficult to say something general about Polyurethane foam baby mattresses. However, it is true that they are often cheaper than the alternatives! What quite often happens is that the mattress is not uniformly high through his material. (Often the center of the bed much harder than the edges and corners).


  • Cheap crib mattress
  • Long lifespan


Memory Foam Baby Mattress

Also known as visco-elastic or memory foam. This is one of the most popular variants of polyether foam. It is a type of material that is often used together with other materials in a crib mattress.

Because of the method by which it is made, it takes longer before the foam is again filled with air, after the pressure has been placed on. The advantage is that your baby to sleep on a memory foam mattress baby will feel no pressure points.

The downside is that memory foam movement is harder than at any other crib mattress.

The mattress also tends to be harder in colder temperatures, and is, therefore, more appropriate in countries with a warmer climate than the Netherlands. The particular shape of bubbles and density is less breathable than other materials. This also means that it is better in the retention of body heat than other materials.

This is seen as a possible cause of SIDS, and therefore it is not a good choice as a crib mattress.


  • No pressure points
  • proper strength


  • Not suitable for colder climates
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Obstruction of movement

Foam Baby Mattress


Cold foam due to its structure is much more resilient and is therefore also often more comfortable than other materials. Also for cold forming is that there are many variants by the composition that is used. In general, it is true that it is less than ventilates baby mattresses the polyether, and retains heat better. This would mean that it would not be the best choice for a crib mattress.

But in actuality foam crib mattresses combined with other materials or structures nevertheless, form a top quality / comfort material. A perfect example is the AeroSleep or Donna crib mattress.


  • Outstanding comfort
  • By variations very breathable
  • Sustainable


  • The most expensive variant
  • Only foam is not suitable

Pocket Suspension Baby Mattress

The type of material that is likely to know a lot of parents. Pocket Springs are helical samples that provide cushioning. These are then covered with a layer of textile and then with a layer of foam. Many stores will want to fool you like what thickness and number of turns of these copies, and how much that makes a difference.

Take nothing from here to notice the difference with the weight of a baby is you really in the micro-measurements. Nevertheless, his pocket sprung mattress crib undoubtedly a good choice regarding features. They are reasonable in their ventilation and depending on the materials used for the layers to the suspension very very well in carrying away heat.

If there is an article where a lot of misinformation about wandering is indeed called the pocket sprung mattresses. We have even read that pocket sprung crib mattresses are much less hygienic because there? Space between the suspension is?

Space is air, air flow / exhaust and thus the pocket springs are correct hygienic … moral of the story, you should not believe everything you read on the Internet (this also applies to our information always be strict with what you read). It is quite strange how unpopular pocket springs or is not in the Netherlands when it comes to crib mattresses. They have a clear value-for-money. It is true that there are very few options are available that are made from this variant.


  • Good ventilation
  • Hygienic
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

Not a good option available in the US

That all? There are some crib mattress materials that we have not added in our manual. These materials were not suitable for crib mattresses in our total belief (e.g., latex).