What You Should Know About Car Sound System

Frequency response analysis RTA

It consists of measuring the graph of the frequency response of our team in real time, to correct the interference by equalization. To perform this test, the source is played from a recorded track with pink noise, a noise spectrum which is flat in a frequency diagram and has the same energy on all bands. That pink noise sound from the speakers of the car and us, with a measuring device RTA microphone, we will record it sounds in our cabin.

Because the acoustics of our vehicle and our components and adjustments are not ideal, we get a measure not be flat, so the next step is correct and linearize the response of our team, using EQ settings. The flatter gets it playing pink noise in our car, the more we will be closer to its original spectrum. That means that our team will alter less the proportion of frequencies that reproduce music, offering greater fidelity. Visit Mrvehicle.net – best car speakers

Professional RTA

For a measure RTA is reliable is critical accuracy, the linearity of the instruments used and the measurement procedure is adequate. One of the safest bets is to go to this size we done by a professional installer with the knowledge and the appropriate equipment, such as the precise analyzers Audiocontrol or other methods such as analysis MLSs, sweeps, etc.

Mount the RTA on our own

If you like a computer and are willing to make the payment, you can build your RTA measurement system. You need to inform well the correct measurement method and have the following elements:

  • A computer.
  • A professional sound card with high quality.
  • A high microphone precision, with calibration sheet response to entering it in the RTA programs.
  • RTA measurement software, such as TrueRTA, REW, ARTA, SynRTA, etc.

Sources with self-adjustment

Some high-end sources, as some models of the Alpine and Pioneer brands, incorporate an auto-tuning function or automatic calibration of response. When we execute this function with the help of a microphone at the listening position, the source takes an RTA analysis of the acoustics of our car and applies equalization and time delays needed to improve the outcome. This feature saves us all tests performed since the source alone, but beware, even today sometimes the result can be enhanced.

Mobile Applications

We always have the option to start playing and to know the subject of a mobile application. It is clear that the result is not at all reliable, microphone and sound chip of a mobile is very far from being precise, and show us very misleading results. But it can serve as an introduction to the world of the frequency spectrum and the RTA.

  • Android: RTA Audio Analyzer.
  • IOS: RTA.

Subjective tests sound blind and ABX

There are scientific methods that involve personal part of our perception, which is what the final bill, and serve to verify whether a change in component or a new setting has improved sound perception we have of our team, or if it’s worth disbursement in a given segment; which can be of great help to keep progressing on the right track with our audio equipment. We will need a good reference CD high-quality music of many styles.

Blind test

Need the help of a volunteer with a good ear. You do not know what the change. We will pass on the situation before the new situation (e.g., changing the settings, or by connecting speakers existing and new alternatively), and the listener will try to describe what the changes are listening, and what you think best. This test depends heavily on the qualities of the audience, so be candidate selection is important!

ABX test

It goes to show if we can distinguish between two teams or two different configurations. To do this, the person who helps us let us hear the situation A and B as many times as you need, and then he put one of the two without telling us what it is so that we divines which one it is. We repeat the test several times, and the person who helps us take note of each of the results, we will know at the end of the test. Has fulfilled a percentage well above 50% hit to verify that we were able to distinguish, run half is as easy as flipping a coin!