Sapa: A Rare Place to Experience Snowfall in Vietnam

When the weather is hot, you will surely feel some sort of discomfort. It can also sometimes spoil your mood to go out, move around and travel. Most of the time you find places to escape from the hot weather.

There are tourists, who travels to cold places. Not only to feel comfortable because of the weather, but also to see the beauty of the place. However, it usually cost much to visit countries, where the weather is really cold or when the winter season is really experienced.

If your budget is bothering you, then why not come to Vietnam for a Sapa Tour. Coming to Southeast Asian countries are far more affordable than other countries. So, if you have a chance to visit Vietnam, then you must check your schedule and book for some Sapa Tours from Hanoi during the Winter Season.

Why visit Sapa when it’s cold?

Sapa is located in the province of Lao Cai. It is actually in the northwestern part of Vietnam. You can find here some ethnic groups, such as Pho Lu, Tay, Hmong and Dao. This beautiful town is in a mountainous area. Therefore, the weather is really good. And then, it is a great place for adventure, especially those tourists, who would love to go for mountain hiking and exploration.

When the weather is cold, especially during the winter season. You need not to be afraid of freezing. You would surely find a hotel with heaters. Just make sure to tell your travel agent to make the arrangements for you.

The ethnic minorities living in this area are rich in mixed cultures. It is due to the fact that the northwestern part of Vietnam is very close to the border of China. But, that is not a hindrance for tourists to come and visit the place.

One of the places that you would surely love to see when you are on a tour to Sapa is the rice field. The farmers have turned the rice field into a stairs. So, if you are in a higher level, then you will surely feel amazed with the people, who have made it manually. Yes, it is the work of their bare hands and that is something to be proud of.

So, why would you come to Sapa when the weather is cold? Of course, it is more comfortable to travel at this time. Therefore, you must book for a tour during the winter season and that will start in December and ends in February. You will not only experience the cold weather, but you can also get to experience snowfall.

What happens when there is snow?

Now, as a tourist looking for cold weather and snowfall, Sapa is the best place to visit. Not only because it is cheaper, but due to its amazing beauty that you can only witness during the winter season. You might be thinking that it might be somewhat similar to other countries experiencing snow. Therefore, why not come and see how rare things are in Sapa when snow started falling.

During this season, you will experience the unique beauty of the sunrise and you will have a good view of the valley. Lovers will surely find it romantic. That is also possible in other countries, but is different when you are in Sapa.

Not all countries in the Southeastern part of Asia experience snowfall. So, when you come during this time, then you will surely enjoy throwing and playing snowballs. It would be great to experience the unique elegance of the snowfall and the ice all over the place.

Because of Sapa’s location, having 1,600m altitude above the sea level. Therefore, it is an ideal spot for you to have a great view of the snowfall. Isn’t it really impressive to see the snowflakes in the trees and various plants? With this kind of weather, you can imagine how trees are covered with snow.

There are other places, where you can experience ice and snowfall, but Sapa is quite different because of its location. The place is in the mountainous region, so can you imagine how it looks like when these mountains and valleys are covered with the beauty of the ice and snow?

So, if you are planning for a tour and would love to come during the winter season, then Sapa of Vietnam is the coolest place for you to book. This time, many tourists come, so you have to book your tour in advance.