The Best Baby Laundry Detergents

What is the best laundry detergent for you baby?

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin that cannot withstand many chemicals and dyes that are added to ordinary detergents. Washing your child’s clothes with regular laundry detergent can cause skin irritation. This is why it is important to use laundry detergent specifically designed for babies or people with sensitive skin. The best laundry detergents for baby items is dye-free and has less ingredients added.

Best Baby Laundry Detergents


Dreft is a brand of detergent that moms have been using for over 75 years. This detergent has been specially formulated for baby clothes. It has the ability to remove baby spots, such as regurgitations and layers of soil without the use of corrosive chemicals. It also claims to rinse completely without leaving any residue. Powder and liquid forms of this detergent are available for purchase. Dreft comes lightly scented with perfume to keep the clothes smelling fresh.

Seventh Generation Baby Washing Detergent

Seventh generation Baby is a dye-free laundry detergent, fragrance-free, concentrated. Its active ingredients include vegetable cleansing products increase stain-removing power with low foam. A water softener is added, as soil dissolvent enzyme to clean difficult baby spots. Seventh generation baby manufactures eco-responsible products. The detergent is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, non-irritating to the skin and without optical brighteners.

Everything is free and clear

Laundry detergent all free and clear is formulated for people with sensitive skin. It is made without perfumes or dyes, is hypoallergenic and has its own power spot remover. This lightly scented detergent removes dust mite material and dog and cat dander.

Selestial natural soap for laundry

This eco-friendly, non-toxic product has been made to wash and clean your baby’s items without harming the environment. It is free from dyes and other aggressive chemicals like phosphate and sodium laurethsulfate. This detergent is also non-foaming, so it leaves no residue after washing. Selestial soap is available in scented and unscented. Essential oils are used as the perfume enhancer in the fragrance version; Fragrances are not used.

Ultra Purex Baby

“Sweet on baby skin. Purex motto is hard on baby’s mess”. This baby detergent is hypoallergenic and formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. It also free no dye and has a scent of light to help your baby items smell fresh.

How to Buy a Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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Sometimes you may notice itchy skin after you wash your clothes with the new soap. Especially, when you have a baby, it’s very important to choose the right type of detergent that is suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Do not worry – you may have developed a reaction to ingredients in laundry detergent. Fortunately there are many laundry detergents that are dye-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, which you can buy instead, which should work for your sensitive skin.


  • Search for free samples of detergents without dye and perfume if you do not know how your body can react. This prevents you from buying an entire bottle of detergent, only to discover that it does not agree with your sensitive skin.
  • Venture to the supermarket or hypermarket and look through the detergent selections. Some manufacturers have the words “free” or “clear” labeled on their bottles which are dye-free or fragrance-free. Some people have skin irritations caused by these ingredients, it is helpful to know which detergents removed. Or look for specific words on the bottle that say “for sensitive skin.”
  • Check out the organic stores and try their laundry. Organic stores are more likely to eliminate dyes and enzymes that could cause skin irritation.
  • Acquisition of baby detergent. It may seem silly, but there are certain detergents for infants who take sensitive skin into account. Many children develop skin irritations or eczema when they are infants and sometimes it can be eliminated by washing clothes in this detergent.
  • Go green and make your own detergent. Search online for laundry soap recipes that use very few ingredients. Since you know what is going on in the detergent, you can be sure that your skin will not burst a rash due to excess chemicals or enzymes. In addition, it is preferable for the environment.

Tips and Warnings

Laundry detergent for sensitive skin can be more expensive than an ordinary detergent. But it is best to keep your skin healthy and without irritations, no matter how much money it is.

Do not forget that everyone’s skin is unique. A detergent that might work for you may cause someone else to get out.