Top 3 Metal Baseball Cleats

Most of the big names in sport shoes market such as Adidas, Mizuno, New Balance, Under Amour have introduced many models of good metal baseball cleats. These companies have strong experience and deep investment in research and developing to create products that could satisfy customers. Therefore, there are a lot of great metal baseball cleats in the market. However, there are 3 names that stand out the most and have received the most praises. 

New Balance Men’s L4040V3 Cleat

New Balance is always a trust worthy brand name when it comes to sport shoes. Besides running shoes, their baseball cleats also have top-notch quality. The New Balance Men’s L4040V3 Cleat is one of their best products which have received many compliments. In term of comfort, it seems that there is no other baseball cleat could compete with New Balance L4040V3.

New Balance has strongly invested in research, development and scientific testing to create a design that could give the ultimate comfort. The feature that contributes the most to its comfort level is the full-length REVlite mid sole which is made of lightweight foam. Besides, the cleats could perfectly fits your feet and give proper support thanks to a technology called No-sew FantomFit. In addition, the toe-cap is designed to prevent toe and nail injuries. With all these above amazing features, New Balance Men’s L4040V3 always bring the best comfort that you would feel like the cleats are specially tailored for your feet only.

However, the New Balance Baseball cleats do have some weakness. The most noticeable one is durability. Because of synthetic upper, the cleats couldn’t last for long time.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero 5-Tool 2.0 Baseball Cleat

Any list of best sport shoes is not complete without a name from Adidas. Adidas always proves their top position in sport shoes with their amazing products and ground breaking technologies. In the field of baseball cleats, the Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero 5-Tool 2.0 has amazed many baseball players with its performance. A combination of synthetic and leather materials has created a super lightweight yet strong and resilient cleat. Breathability is not a concern because of the mesh padded tongue. Besides, the sole and upper also secure good comfort. The most outstanding strength of the Adizero 5-Tool 2.0 is its ability to increase sprint speed as it has several features working together to boost accelerations but still keep stability and traction.

The Adizero 5-Tool 2.0 could be the perfect baseball cleat if it has better interior comfort like other models from New Balance. However, overall, it’s still the best metal baseball cleat in the market.

New Balance Men’s MB3000 Mid-cut Baseball Cleat

It’s no surprise that New Balance has the second candidate in this list: The MB3000 Mid-cut. At first look, the cleats are impressive with aesthetic design. In term of performance, like the L4040V3, MB3000 also has the REVlite midsole which could offer great comfort. The interior of the cleat is covered by foam cushion that protect your feet from impact and accordingly reduce shock. The protection is even added by form fitted tongue to support ankle and prevent spraining. As said in the name, it’s the mid-cut cleat, so it could provide better support for back of feet but on the other hand, it’s bulky and reduces the breathability. The MB3000 Mid cut also shares same durability problem with the L4040V3 because of the synthetic build.

Despite having some drawbacks, the 3 above mentioned baseball cleats have the top notch quality and could meet most of players’ demands and requirements. Although their prices are not low but they are worth trying.