Top Recommeneded Softball Gloves 2017

It’s quite complicated to choose a good softball glove because there are too many factors that you need to take into consideration and numerous choices with a wide range of styles, prices, brands… in the market. A list of top recommended softball gloves would help to lessen your confusion when choosing new glove.

Worth Toxic Lite

Worth Toxic Lite is considered a well-rounded glove for many types of player in many positions. There are 3 sizes available 13”, 13.5”, and 14”, so it could fit most of players ‘palm size. Main material of Worth Toxic Lite is full grain leather to ensure the best durability. Especially, this product is one of the lightest catcher mitt available in the market. Therefore, Worth Toxic Lite is loved by young players who prefer lighter glove for faster movement and more comfortable feeling. Besides, this glove also provides more experienced players with other benefits such as shortened break-in period and additional padding.

Easton Salvo SVS3

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Easton is not only famous for making the best softball bats in the market but also for having many amazing softball gloves. One of the best softball gloves from Easton is Easton Salvo SVS3. This line is considered the best glove for first baseman. The brand name Easton alone could ensure the quality of this product. There are many great features that Easton has offered to players in this Salvo SVS3 line. First of all, its pocket is larger than normal one and there is extra protection for your palm. In addition, Easton has also given Salvo SVS3 an adjustable strap, so it could fit many players. Another strong point of this product compared to others is that it doesn’t need break-in period. Despite coming from a big brand and having many advantages, the price of Easton Salvo SVS3 is quite reasonable, only around 70 USD.

Worth Liberty

Catcher is the most challenging position in softball. Accordingly, catcher glove also requires a lot of special features to protect catcher’s hand and bring the best performance. Glove makers have launched many catcher gloves every year but among them, The Worth Liberty Advanced Series have received the most praises from players. Regarding material, gloves from this series are made from leather inside and outside, so it could bring the most comfortable feel to catchers. This unique feel has surprised many catchers because it couldn’t be found in any other gloves. It seems that Worth Sport has invested a lot in improving material quality of this Worth Liberty line. The leather used is so special that the gloves have never deformed even after several seasons. Another strong point of this line is palm padding with new technique called PORON XRD which could ensure that players’ hand are protected at highest level during a match.

Mizuno Prospect

mizuno premier gpm 1403

Choosing softball glove for children who are around 10 years old is not as easy as it seems. There are not as many choices in the market as adult gloves and it’s such a waste to buy expensive glove because children’s hands are still growing fast.  Mizuno Prospect Series is the best answer for this problem. It only costs you around 45 to 60 USD for a product from this series. Mizuno Prospect gloves are specially designed to help children learn to play softball safely. It also could be used to play in any position, so the child could experience and learn everything in the softball field.

Hopefully, the above list could give you some idea of which softball glove brand to buy. The most important thing is still careful consideration of all factors before making decision.